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Organization Evolution

Yancheng Land Office of Dept. of Land Admin. of Kaohsiung City Government
Yancheng land office established on July 1st, 1975 and was responsible for Yancheng, Gushan, Cianjhen, Zuoying, Nanzih, Cijin Districts. When Kaohsiung City revised to Yuan governed city, Siaogang District transferred to our administration. In 1979, Cianjhen land office established, and took over the land administration affairs of Cianjhen, Siaogang and Cijin Districts; in 1984, Nanzih land office set up, took over the land administration affairs of Zuoying, Nanzih Districts and transferred the land administration affairs of Cianjin, Cijin Districts to us.

Right now, we are in charge of  Yancheng, Gushan, Cianjin, Cijin Districts; 15 land sections of Yancheng District, 39 land sections of Gushan District, 7 land sections of Cianjin District, 6 land sections of Cijin District, 67 land sections. There are 68,220 lands, 90,547 buildings in our responsible area(including Dongsha and Nansha islands).
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District Area
Yancheng District, Gushan District, Cianjin District and Cijin District.
Organization Structure
Land Registration Section:
In charge of the registration of land and building, documents issuance, registers keeping.

Land Survey Section:
In charge of evaluation of land and building improvement, land resurveying, cadastral maps keeping.

Land Valuation Section :
In charge of the appraisal of the land value, making land value table, research and development, document and archives management, collecting fee, administrative affairs and customer service.

Accounting Section:
In charge of annual accounting, accounting, and statistics affairs.

Personnel Section:
In charge of personnel management.

Office Hour
Monday - Friday   8:00-12:00   13:30-17:30 /  Saturday, Sunday and Holidays Days off.
Application of all kinds of land transcripts is available at single service window during noon break.